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Topics: Trade union, Adrian Cola Rienzi, Cola di Rienzo Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Name: Kimberly Bair
Class: 3a4
Subject: Social Studies
Teacher: Ms. A. Payne

Krishna Deonarine was born in the village of Palmyra, just east of San Fernando, in 1905. He died as Desh Bandu on July 21st, 1972. His father, Deonarine Tiwari, squandered his inheritance, and was forced to move the family to San Fernando. Krishna attended Naparima College, but his family's financial problems forced him to drop out during Form 3. He found employment with J.C. Hobson, a prominent lawyer. Hobson encouraged Deonarine intellectually and lent him books from which he learned about Cola di Rienzo, fourteenth century Italian activist and patriot. In 1927 Deonarine changed his name to Adrian Cola Rienzi, naming himself after British magistrate Adrian Clarke and Cola di Rienzo.

Krishna was a Labor Leader, Barrister, Trade Unionist and a Politician. He took account of the widespread misery and he decided to throw his lot with any force organized to combat it. Feeling as strongly as he did about the plight of the working class, it was not surprising that Krishna identified with a 14th century Italian Patriot who organized and fought battles on behalf of workers.

One fact of the Patriot, which may have fascinated Krishna, took place in May 1947, when the Patriot incited the workers to rise against the rule of nobles. The nobles were driven out and the Patriot made efforts to unite the various Italian states. During this period he was made “Tribune of the People”.

The name of this Patriot was Cola De Rienzi. Coming under the influence of such a hero, Krishna took on the name “Adrian Cola Rienzi”. However, Rienzi wanted neither power nor did he seek to be made “Tribune of the People”. Nut he certainly had the passion to make Trinidad a much better place for the working people.

Rienzi was a Trinidad & Tobago Trade Unionist, who founded both the “Oilfields Workers Trade Union” and...
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