Social Studies Instruction

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Social Studies Instruction
Samantha Lewis
Grand Canyon University: EED465
April 6, 2011

Social Studies Instruction
Social studies covers many different topics that each contain an enormous amount of information. Educators are responsible for determining what topics to cover, how much information is to be taught on each topic, and how to go about teaching the information. There are several different approaches that a teacher can take. Teachers can teach out of a textbook, prepare the material themselves, or go outside of the classroom and purchase a commercial package to teach from. Some schools also use the integrated approach to teaching. Every approach to teaching has advantages and disadvantages. There are many different groups and individuals that differ in their opinions of how social studies should be taught and what information should be covered.

Textbooks offer teachers and students organization and structure. Textbooks cover many different topics and usually include maps, charts, and copies of historical documents to go along with the lessons. They also provide activities that allow students to use skills from other subjects in the lessons, and they put everything in chronological order. The downside to using the textbook method of learning is that students can easily become bored with the lessons and lose focus. Also, textbooks tend to be one sided. They cater to certain demographics and do not account for diversity in the classroom. The textbook companies get to decide what is included and what is not. Another downside is that because there is so much that needs to be covered, major events tend to only have minimum coverage. Fredericks states that the “textbook needs to be used judiciously” (2005). Teachers should use the textbook as one of many resources, not as the sold resource for their instruction.

Teacher prepared learning can be good in that it allows teachers to teach to...
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