Social Studies

Topics: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, Security Pages: 5 (1546 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Citizen Armed Force
1) Due to manpower and economic constraints, Singapore could not afford a large professional army. 2) Government enlists able-bodied man to serve full time NS(national service) learning how to defend the country. 3) Help bonding as it develop a sense of loyalty, patriotism and a shared destiny for Singapore. 4) Continue to serve as Operationally Ready NS men and 3rd generation Singapore armed force(SAF). 5) Through the programmes they under refresher courses to maintain their competency in handling new weapons. 6) They learn new tactics and force maximizes with the technology to create an intelligent defence force. Link: With capable, modern and equipped citizen armed force, Singapore become self-reliant and a force to deter any possible enemies. Singapore’s Defence Industry

1) Build it own to ensure essential supply of weapons to its soldiers by developing and producing the latest and suitable weapons. 2) Besides saving costs and time, it prevent over reliant of weapon supplies from other countries which might not share their latest weapon. Link: This ensure that soldiers are safe and fight effectively with the latest technology and equipment. Total Defence

1) Includes psychological, economic, social, civil and military defence(S P E C M). 2) Prepare the nation in various ways for defending country during war or emergency during peace time. 3) SD is ability for all Singaporeans to live harmoniously. 4) PD is the sense of commitment that we have towards the nation. 5) ED is the ability of the businesses and industry to function even during emergencies. 6) CD is the ability to safeguard the lives and properties of civilians. 7) MD is the ability of armed force to withstand aggression. 8) Whole nation is involved.

9) Prevent enemy from attacking showing that all Singaporeans are prepared. 10) Telling enemy that having war with Singapore is counter productive. Miliary Cooperation with other countries
1) Have military agreements with various countries to allow Singapore troops to train in their countries 2) Conduct regular military training with neighboring countries like Malaysia. 3) It increase the cooperation and ties among participating activities. 4) Singapore is involved in multi-lateral military agreements and exercises such as Five Power Defence Arrangements(FPDA) established in 1971. 5) Enhances cooperation each year.

Multi-agency Coordination On Security
1) National Security Coordination Secretariat(NSCS) set up to coordinate the work of various government agencies like MoD, MoHA, MoFA. 2) Close networking and coordination further strengthen and enhance Singapore’s national security. 3) Meet up regularly to plan national security strategies and policies. 4) Work with companies and private parties to effectively respond to any threats through sharing of information and resources ---------------------------------------------------------END----------------------------------------------------------------- Diplomacy

Bilateral Relations
1) Diplomatic relations between Singapore and another country. 2) Singapore has benifited from bilateral relationship in many ways. 3) Singapore firmly believe that its independence can be promoted through bilateral ties with countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. 4) Promote political, economic and cultural ties with these countries. 5) Ties with USA and Germany have allowed Singapore to be exposed to advance technology skills. 6) Singapore also extended a helping hand to countries like Nepal and Vietnam which gain recognition. Regional Relations

1) Forming association of countries in a region
2) In 1967, ASEAN was form with Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. 3) Today it has increase to ten.
4) Promote economic and cultural developments, ensuring peace ans stability in the region. 5) Provide an avenue for the...
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