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Topics: Singapore, Southeast Asia, Government of Singapore Pages: 4 (1450 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Stable Government-1
Stable means secure, predictable/reliable and hard to knock over (as in overthrow).In a Democracy, it means that the majority are happy, they have a constitution and laws that they follow, and the minority does not have enough power to screw things up.In a totalitarian government, stability means that everyone is too scared to topple it.A stable government (or political stability) simply means you can count on the government to be tomorrow or a year from now to be what it is today

In my opinion, Singapore indeed has a stable government.
In terms of democracy, the leaders of the Singapore government are chosen by the citizens through elections. The people are involved in the decision-making of the country. The needs of the people are considered when the government makes important decisions. Therefore, the government created communication channels to allow easy communication with the citizens, such as the Forum Page in The Straits Times. The government in Singapore comprises of the Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary, which are guided by a set of sound principles to ensure peace and build confidence among the people. Honesty is also one of the guiding principles that the Singapore government follows. Some decisions made by the government to prepare for the future includes the invention of NEWater, the construction of two Integrated Resorts at Marina Bay and Sentosa, etc. Meritocracy, a system that rewards hard work and talent, is also implemented in Singapore. People who perform well are rewarded regardless of their race, language or religion. The interests of the minority groups are also protected to ensure that no racial or religious group is disadvantaged as a result of a law that is passed in government. Though the survival of the small state was in doubt for a time, it not only survived but also managed to achieve the highest standard of living in Southeast Asia. The country also enjoyed a rare political continuity; its ruling...
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