Social Structure Annd Mental Health

Topics: Sociology, Mental disorder, Psychiatry Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Social Structure and Mental Health: Competing Conceptual and Analytic Models
We have discussed in class that social status plays a significant role in determining the likely hood of a person to have mental illness. In the previous article for paper assignment three, it provided a research with data collected concerning the effect of social class on mental illness. The data results in the previous article supported the relationship between the two variables(social status, mental illness) stating that the lower the status a person has the more likely he or she will have mental disorder. This article takes us into a deeper discussion by distinguishing between sociological model that focuses on the mental health consequences of patterns of social organization and sociomedical models that emphasize the social antecedents of mental disorders. The two models both utilize social characteristics, stress, and psychological dysfunction however different in their concepts of the relationships between these subjects. Stress, is emphasized in this article as to having the major impact on a person's mental health. Stress is the gateway to disorders as mentioned in this article, the text, and also in our class discussions. In the case of gender, it is stated in the article that women have higher rates of disorder than men. I believe this is due to women's status in society and in addition women are more emotionally sensitive. Women have no control over their lives at the majority of the time. With that thought, they are more vulnerable to stress and are capable of living in the state of mental illness. In the case of gender, the sociomedical model focuses on diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of anxiety, stress, and depression. On the other hand, the sociological model tends to be the more effective way of analyzing the relationship between stress, status, and mental disorder. The sociological model provides a clear observation because of the idea that mental illness is a...
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