Social Structure

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Social Structure Recipe

After review of the anonymous strategy there are five steps that the company is basing its strategy on: 1. Value the quest for knowledge – this is a good base to build a strategy on. Without knowledge your company does not have a base to start with and will not be able to focus on the path to take or what target you are shooting for. I believe that there needs to be structure around the quest for knowledge or the employees may not be aligned with the overall company strategy. 2. Empathy for those who are in pain or suffering – this is a good path or direction to take the company; empathetic design of goods/services to meet the customer requirements will help you retain your customers. 3. Do not rush knowledge, seek out the best alternative – this may be a good idea for a company culture, but there needs to be some guidelines set around timelines and company strategies. A company needs to utilize force management to ensure everyone is focused on the overall company strategy. If you are constantly seeking knowledge and the best alternative, you may not be producing product to meet customers’ demands. 4. Fairness in dealing with others – this is a good corporate creed and will help with overall company performance if it is followed by all (Top down management approach). Employees who think they are treated fairly will be better performers than those that are disgruntled. 5. Recognize and learn from mistakes – a company that does not learn from their mistakes will continue to make the same mistake and will not be successful. The strategy of constant knowledge seeking will help the company develop better products that meet customer needs and will support better market penetration. With no other details on how the company will handle force and resource management I cannot see how this will help with globalization and profit maximization.
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