Social Stratification in Modern Capitalist Societies'

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  • Published : September 13, 2010
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A. 'Educational system reproduces systems of social stratification in modern capitalist societies'. Analyze this statement by addressing the following questions/topics;

1. What is social stratification? Why are class, caste, gender and ethnicity considered to be systems of stratification? Answer- Social stratification is the division of society into different groups in a pattern of ranking. In simple sentence, social stratification means inequalities between different groups of people. It is division of a large group of society and their unequal access to resources. Our society is divided into many groups by class, caste, gender, ethnicity. It classified the various types of social stratification like upper class, lower class and middle class. Social stratification is based on social or biological characteristics such as social class, caste, gender and ethnicity. It plays a very important role in system of stratification. Social class- Class is a large scale grouping of people who share common economic resources that influence our lifestyle. It is the most important factor of social stratification. Classes based on economic factor. In our society we have many classes like rich &poor, men & women, young & old and also superior & inferior. There is stratification among them. There are three types of classes in the society- The higher class, middle class and lower class. These are divided according to there economic factor. The people who have wealth, prestige and power they belongs to higher class. But its opposite, the people who are poor not a high status in society are belongs to lower class. Class is not influenced by religion and culture. According to the article In developed countries like America class is a very important factor for social stratification. It can also say that class is based on occupational structure. The higher class people provide their children higher education. They get high skill from higher education. There is demand...
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