Social Status and Tax Warfare

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Since the beginning everything has been a power struggle, the ones who possesses the most resources dominated over those with the lesser amount. In this day and age, money reigns over the social class and those without it are struggling against the government who controls the majority of it all.As stated by Dee Dee Myers in her article, “What Class Warfare Really Means,” “the same folks who have seen their incomes and wealth skyrocket in recent decades – would take the biggest hit.” (Myers) With this issue, UTA students are directly affected because the problem of the current financial difficulties is tied to their friends, family, and themselves. The levels of taxes cripples the middle and lower class, keeping them within their social class, and gives them no hope of further succession Here, Myers explains how the higher and lower classes are virtually unaffected, while the working top brackets of the middle class are taxed to no end.Though many say there is not any difference between classes, I believe that the middle class is treated unequally in terms of taxation versus the other class’s because the government’s inability to distribute tax equally amongst the three classes,the boundaries being the gap in income which keep one classing from rising to another, and the nation’s obliviousness in realizing the unevenly distributed money.

For several decades the democratic and republican parties have been in debate over tax preference, resulting in this tax warfare. Students at UTA and virtually any other colleges are forcibly introduced into the world of economy as we take are big leap into debt and taxation. As the majority falls into the middle class due to their loans, students are herded into an unfairly taxed bracket that they will possibly spend the rest of their lives in. In Dee Dee Myers’s essay she lays out the facts that states, “The 400 Americans with the highest adjusted gross income saw their effective tax rates plummet from 30 percent” (Myers)...
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