Social Sites vs. Face to Face

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Social Networking vs. Face to Face Communication
With social networking at its peak, face to face communication has become scarce in modern society. With sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace face to face communication lost its indicative value. Social networking has become so widely spread throughout the world that it has become the primary form of communication. Both face to face communication and social media have limits and boundaries that contribute to their major distinctions. With social networking the rules that govern communication have crucial differences from the already established face to face communication. Social networking communication rules and limits differ heavily from face to face communication by means of expressed emotion, interaction, and long distance communication.

Expressing emotion face to face has a substantially larger meaning than attempting to express emotion through text or chat. With face to face, one can express emotion through facial expression and tone of voice. With text or chat one can only express emotion through emoticons and candidly telling the other person how they feel. Face to face communication strongly interprets emotion as opposed to the weak interpretation of social networking. Sarcasm strongly exemplifies the limits on social networking, one cannot express sarcasm through text or chat, but in a face to face conversation one can clearly identify sarcasm from tone of voice and facial expressions. There are frequent misinterpretation of emotion on social websites that usually spark major disputes and cyber bullying. These major disputes are currently known as “Facebook beef” or “Tweef” (twitter beef). With face to face communication it is easy to identify other’s emotions and regulate a response fit to serve the best, this helps grow relationships and interaction. The rules that govern face to face communication are in favor of expressing emotion.

There are many strict rules that govern interaction for...
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