Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

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Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

Agency and Organizations and Title of Advocacy Role

There were various different hospice organizations that were interviewed Good Neighbor and License Practicing Nurse (LPN), Pamela Larson informs the doctors of any concerns and watches the daily progress of the patients. While Pathways Hospice Michele Desnoes is the Care Provider Liaison and in this position, she will speak on behalf of the patient when the patient can no longer speak for them. Hospice Care of Boulder and Broomfield Counties Leann is a patient care advocate and she deals with the doctors and insurance companies and any medical or other issues that arise. Tony at Asera Care is a Registered Nurse and is there for the client to make sure that the client is not in pain and other needs that are necessary/ Gilda’s Club the Program Director she advocates for involvement and services offered. She deals with staff, patience, physicians, and family members. All these agencies work with family; some of the agencies did not mention that they also work with co-workers, friends. The one thing that is important to all the agencies is the comfort and needs of the patient and the family members understanding of what is going on. Describe how individuals became involved and what he or she can change about this job

When asked how the interviewees became involved in their respective Hospice agency is as advocates a few different responses were provided. Three of the five interviewees initially encountered Hospice through the illness and death of their close loved ones, which influenced them to pursue careers working within Hospice agencies. Tony wanted to help Hospice patients and their families the way her father and family were helped by Hospice nurses through the last few months of her father’s life. Leann’s grandmother was in the care of Hospice during her last month of life, and Leann was deeply impacted by the...
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