Social Self

Topics: Interpersonal attraction, Physical attractiveness, Like Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Human beings are social animals. One of the defining features that separate humans from other plants and animals is the social self. Humans are dependent on relationships with others in order to survive and reproduce. These relationships are also a fundamental aspect to one’s social life. The idea of person perception forms first impressions of others, while interpersonal attraction is the force that decides whether or not relationships are formed or not. Interpersonal attraction is simply an attraction between individuals that can lead to liking, friendship or love. Research suggests that there are multiple factors that influence interpersonal attraction, including proximity, similarity, exposure, physical attractiveness, reciprocal liking and reinforcement, these factors as well as our own expires and the meanings we have attached to them. Relations exist in four major categories the first being affiliation defined as wanting to be with another person. In this context mostly a casually friend or work colleague someone you can enjoy time or activities with. The next relationship in this grouping is liking, it is defined as having a generally positive altitude about someone much the same as affiliation just a little more of a friend. The third defined relationship is friendship a mutual liking between to people, their shared desire to be together to share ideas, thoughts or experiences and the final stages of relations is love, which a process made up of intimacy love and commitment. There are many forms of relationship we may experience throughout are lives and people may move up or down these categories as time and happenstance affect our perception or are attractive attachment to those we relate to (,articleId-25410.html author n/a date n/a).

When we chose people we wish to like, befriend or love we generally do so for a Few specific reason or factors that affect are Descions. one of...
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