Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability

The growth in Social Security disability jumps a tremendous amount each and every year. Many people receive benefits that should not and the people that are in need will be denied time and time again. Nearly two-thirds of initial applications will be denied because an applicant is found to not be totally disabled. The process to begin may take as little as 20 days under the new revisions, if you are clearly proven to be disabled. Unclear cases under the new procedures could cut nine months off of the roughly three years it takes now. Others can be put through the long process, being denied to re-apply and take this to a higher level. Once you get to a law judge, you must be represented by a lawyer or your case may be thrown out.

Social Security Commissioner Jo Anne Barnhart (Congress Daily pg. 27) states that six states in the Northeast will be the first to use the revised system, beginning on August 1, 2006. Anyone who has applied for social security benefits before August 1 will be under old procedure rules. These procedures will expand nationwide in several years overall. Special units are set up to process cases of disabilities to determine if one is eligible for a case of “clear disability.”

David Autor and Mark Duggan (Wilson Quarterly, winter 2007. pg. 73-74) state that $134 billion-a-year entitlement that most people have never heard of is eating up an ever-larger share of the social security budget, raising troubling questions about whether it is being abused. Social security insurance has jumped from 2.6 million people to 6.5 million beneficiaries since 1984 and the numbers are still rapidly growing. Unless it’s revamped, social security will run short of money to pay full benefits in the year 2042. Cash flow problems will begin much sooner. Fixing it gets harder the longer we wait. This insurance was based upon people who have suffered heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc. Today it is based...
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