Social Security and Health Care

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Social Security & Health Care
1. Social Security
a. Introduction: Social Security: What is it?
b. History of Social Security
i. Pre social Security era
1. Greek
2. Medieval European
3. The “Poor Laws”
ii. Early American Social Security
4. Colonial
5. Civil war
6. Great Depression
c. Modern American Social Security
iii. When was it established?
iv. Why was it created?
v. Benefits of Social Security
d. Major Social Security Programs
vi. Eligibility
vii. Retirement and Survivors Insurance
viii. Disability Insurance
7. Determination
ix. Unemployment Insurance
x. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
e. FICE (Federal Insurance Contribution Act)
xi. Trust funds
f. Social Security Reform
xii. SS Crisis
xiii. Privitization
g. Medicare
xiv. Definition
xv. History/Origin
xvi. Part A.
xvii. Part B.
xviii. Pact C
8. HMO
9. PMO
xix. Part D
h. Medicaid
xx. Definition
xxi. History/Origin
xxii. Eligibility
xxiii. Coverage for the disabled
xxiv. Coverage for pregnant women.
i. Controversy
xxv. Current cost of Medicare/Medicaid on Budget
xxvi. Projected cost of Medicare/Medicaid
xxvii. Proposed solutions to limit costs
2. Health Care
j. Definition
k. History/Origin of Health Care
xxviii. Who administers Health Care
10. Primary Care
11. Secondary Health Care
12. Tertiary Care
13. Quaternary Care
l. U.S. Health Care
xxix. Basics of Health Care
14. Insurance Contracts
15. Cost of Health Care
16. Why is there a need for Health Care
17. Percentages of citizens with Health Care
m. Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
xxx. Overview
18. Advantages
19. Disadvantages
n. Controversy
xxxi. Reasons why it is seen as unconstitutional
xxxii. Effects of Obama Care
o. Citations
p. Individual Summary

1. Social Security
1. Introduction: Social Security: What is it?
Approximately 157 million Americans pay Social Security taxes and 56 million collect from its benefits. In brief, Social Security is an economic foundation to secure the millions of Americans; those people being retirees, disabled persons, and their families. Social Security can be considered to be like a pay-as-you-go program. That means that today’s workers pay Social Security taxes to the program and the money flows back out as a monthly income to those who benefit from it. Social Security is the main basis for the millions of Americans receiving monthly pensions. In pre-funded retirement programs, the money a person puts in is accumulated in advance so that it will be available to be paid out to today’s current workers, when they decide to go into retirement. 2. History of Social Security

i. Pre Social Security era
1. Greek:
Even though social security is seemed to be a fairly new concept, it has actually been around for longer than most people know. In fact, the first people to create a form of Social Security were the Greeks. The ancient Greeks also understood the need for economic security and for them that came from olive oil and amphorae. Olive oil was seen as very nutritious for them and could have been stored for a long period of time. So, when it came time to provide for them in a time of need, the Greeks stockpiled olive oil. To them, this was a form of economic security. 2. Medieval Europe:

After the Greeks, medieval Europeans also discovered...
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