Social Sciences and Disease Control

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Discuss the view that social science has no role in disease control.

Social Sciences are the disciplines that use the scientific method to examine the social world, in contrast to the natural sciences, which examine the physical world. Examples of social sciences include economics, psychology, geography, communication studies, anthropology, law, history, and political science. Like the two sides of the coin, there are generally two school of thoughts about the role of the these social sciences in disease control-some believe that the social sciences do not really play any part in the control of diseases in the society since they are not so much specialized in basic health care techniques whiles others still think that the social sciences is a wonderful facet of science making immense breakthrough as far as disease control is concerned. Applied social science for public health is defined as an interdisciplinary and dynamic field which integrates the knowledge and tools for research and analysis from a range of social science disciplines for the purposes of understanding the various determinants of health in individuals and populations and developing, implementing and evaluating sustainable solutions to public health problems. This article therefore seeks to outline some of the roles played by the social sciences in the arena of disease control. First and foremost, Social science and for that matter social scientists help undertake researches on the cause, the spread and the control of diseases among larger populations. As the diagnosis and grading of clinical disease is time consuming, expensive and often impractical, particularly among highly mobile populations, studies demonstrate that a rapid and reliable alternative is available, namely, asking the people. Qualitative research methods, borrowed mainly from anthropology, are now increasingly used in health research and these are leading to the discovery of more about epidemiology and the spread of certain...
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