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* Social Sicence
* Agriculture in Himachal Pradesh
Agriculture contributes nearly 45% to the net state domestic product. It is the main source of income as well as employment in Himachal. About 93% of the state population depend directly upon agriculture.

However, agriculture in the state suffers from certain limitations, especially in the production of food grains. One of these reasons is that the area under cultivation can't be extended to an appreciable extent. Also, reclamation of land on slopes is not economical and increases environmental degradation. The state can profit more by cultivating cash crops as per the agro-climatic conditions.

The main cereals grown in the state are wheat, maize, rice and barley. Kangra, Mandi and the Paonta valley of Sirmaur (to some extent) are the major producers of the first three cereals, while barley is mostly cultivated in Shimla.

Though the state is deficient in food grains, it has gained a lot in other spheres of agricultural production such as seed potato, ginger, vegetables, vegetable seeds, mushrooms, chicory seeds, hops, olives and fig. Seed potato is mostly grown in the Shimla, Kullu and Lahaul areas. Special efforts are being made to promote cultivation of crops like olives, figs, hops, mushrooms, flowers, pistachio nuts, sarda melon and saffron.

Fruit cultivation has also proved to be an economic boon. There are huge tracts of land suitable only for growing fruits. Fruit of all cultivation does not add to the problem of soil erosion and its employment potential is more than conventional farming. The yield per acre in terms of income is also much higher. Apple farming produces the maximum income. Fruit growing in the state is fetching over Rs.300 crore annually. The state has also earned the name of the Apple State of India. ==================================================

* Science
* 1.(i) Cactus(Gallardo Elly Nopal-Cactusrrightele) plants are economically important, because of their role in the built and natural environments. They add beauty and color to the environment. They conserve water in the bright, drab, dry, extreme, harsh desert. They disperse strong sunlight. They give jobs to pollinators. They hold the soil together. They house wildlife, such as the gila woodpecker (Melanerpes uropygialis). * (ii) The scientific name of rose is (((rosaindica)))rose is used for making perfumes. * (iii) The scientific name of cotton plant is (((Gossypium sp.)))cotton plant gives us cotton.It is used for making clothes. * (iv) The scientific name of tea plant is (((Camellia Sinensis)))it gives us tea leaves. It is used for making tea drink . * (v) The scientific name of olive oil plant is (((Olea europaea))). It is used for making cooking oil. ================================================ * 2. Born: 4 January 1643

* Birthplace: Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
* Died: 20 March 1727 (bladder stone)
* Best Known As: The genius who explained gravity
* Isaac Newton's discoveries were so numerous and varied that many consider him to be the father of modern science. A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, Newton developed an intense interest in mathematics and the laws of nature which ultimately led to his two most famous works: Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (1687) and Opticks (1704). Newton helped define the laws of gravity and planetary motion, co-founded the field of calculus, and explained laws of light and color, among many other discoveries. (A famous story says that Newton uncovered the laws of gravity after being hit on the head by a falling apple. There is no proof that this story is true. However, his assistant John Conduitt later wrote that Newton had said he was inspired to think about gravity after seeing an apple fall in his garden around 1666.) Newton was knighted in 1705 and upon his death in...
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