Social Safety Net

Topics: Social insurance, Social security, Welfare state Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Things like social security, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, etc, should be provided to the public when in they are in need of them. In today’s economic times, many people look to the government to help them provide for themselves and their families. Although there is much controversy over its role in the lives of citizens, the government should be responsible for maintaining a social safety net. Many people question the role of the government in their life, and are skeptical about programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare. People did not always receive benefits or checks from the government to help them pay for living expenses, though . In the article “Social safety net: Who needs it?”, Wayne Baker spoke to the docent who worked at a museum that was once a jailhouse on Gore Bay. When asked what people were jailed for in the area, the docent responded that it was mostly public drunkenness or disorderly conduct. After that, she surprised Baker by adding that local farmers would send their daughters to live in jail because they did not have enough food. Because the jailer was obliged to feed them and provide shelter, they would stay protected, well fed, and warm throughout the season. “There wasn’t a social safety net back then like we have now,” said the docent. In reality, many people do not think about all of the ways the government is involved, but rather only focus on a few issues. In another article entitled “Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It”, a Mr.Gulbranson’s earned-income tax credit “covered the fees for his children’s sports leagues and the cost of keeping the older ones on the family’s car insurance”. Also in the article, one is introduced to Mr.Kopka, a 74 year old who has undergone three heart procedures. Mr.Kopka said that without Medicare being available, he would not have been able to pay for his treatments. He goes on to say, “I’d die.”

In the article “Man Dies From Toothache, Couldn’t Afford Meds”, it is...
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