Social Roles in the Caring Profession

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Conventional families:Family is a network of interpersonal rights and obligations arising out of birth and marriage and extends across household boundaries. Personal choice is allowed for to some extent, as in marriage.Family ties are seen as binding together people of all ages and sex categories into groupings whose members feel responsibility to provide and supports each other. Such interdependence within families is seen as the moral basis of society, and therefore as requiring compromise of purely personal interests. Deregulated families :One third of the people in the study rejected all group conventions and insist that family arrangements are a private matter to be freely negotiated among those people choosing to share a household. Most consider traditional families, and especially conventional divisions of domestic labour, as sources of social inequality and injustice.Personal choice and independence are regarded as being of fundamental value in achieving a fair society.It was found that (Source: The Place of Men in changing family cultures. Geoff Dench (1996) it was the deregulated family culture that leads to the loosening of family expectations on men. The advocates of the alternative position tended to be younger, childless, and the view enjoyed more acceptance among westerncountries than among ethnic minorities Social networks : A social network is a social structure composed of individuals or organizations which are connected by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, financial exchange, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige. Social networks operate on many levels from families up to the level of nations and play a critical role in determining the way problems are solved, organizations are run, and the degree to which individuals succeed in achieving their goals. Social network analysis makes no assumption that groups are the building...
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