Social Roles and Demands of Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychologist

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Air Nigeria Limited is the Nigeria National Airline; the company announced the suspension all operations for 1 year effective 10th September 2012. The company ascribed the reason for her decision to staff disloyalty and sabotage. Due to the closure, more than 3000 jobs were lost and several billions of naira lost in revenue. The Staff audit of the organization reveals absence of Organizational Psychologist in the Human Resource Department of the company and in her Strategic Planning Department. Work and Organizational (W/O) Psychologist are professionals with a focus on scientifically-based solutions to human problems in work and other organizational settings. Organization psychologists try to evaluate effectiveness of individuals, groups and organizations. Work and Organizational Psychologist in Nigeria use their specialized knowledge to avert the ugly scenario Air Nigeria experienced. Roles of Work and Organisational Psychologist in Nigeria

Work and Organizational Psychologist work in Public and Private Sector. In the Public Sector, they are involved in Teaching and Research. The Work and Organization Psychologist in Nigeria private sector perform the same roles with HR Practitioners and the Job role differs as it relate to life cycle of organization. E.g. Infancy, Growth and Maturity. In Nigeria, an infant organization has low budget, low revenue and fewer staff. It is common to see Organization Psychologist work as the Human Resource Manager and Head Administration. Some of the tasks they perform include the under listed: 1.They plan, develop and implement strategy for HR, including recruitment policies, quality procedures, discipline and grievance counseling and pay-roll administration. 2. Conduct induction and orientation of new employees.

3. Overall management of Employee welfare and personnel matters affecting work life. 4. Coordinate office purchases and verify vendor price lists. 5.Provide support in planning and coordination of all office activities. 6. Visits individual stores to check compliance

7. Training and man power development of the work force.
8.Control HR expenditure within budget.
In Nigeria, Growth and Maturity Corporate Lifecycle of an organization is characterized by revenues climb, new services and products developed, more employees hired etc. Most businesses in Nigeria see this as need to delegate and more departments within the HR are created. Using Ecobank Nigeria as a case study, the key department we have seen organizational psychologist work in that bank include: 1.Manpower Planning: They identify an organisation’s current and future human resource requirements, developing and implementing plans to meet these requirements and monitoring their overall effectiveness. 2.Performance Management and Reward: This department performs the under listed task: a) Develop clear Job Descriptions and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). b)Negotiate requirements & accomplishment-based on performance standards, outcomes, and measures. c) Conduct periodic performance development discussions.

d) Design effective recognition systems that reward people for their contributions. e)Provide promotional/career development opportunities for staff. 3.Talent Management and Training: The department performs the under listed task. •Designs, develops, presents, and evaluates corporate learning and development programs and other initiatives including: leadership training, organizational and employee performance management, career planning, mentoring, etc. •Lead the design, development and implementation of programs, policies and strategies tailored to meet organizational development needs •Organizational development consulting: Operates as an organizational leader and internal consultant to management in the identification, development, and implementation of programs to align workforce and business processes. •Coordinate and manage...
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