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Social Roles

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Andragogy Reflection

The situation I will be talking about in this paper took place last year when I had to take a driving course to reduce insurance costs. This took place in a classroom setting that had both older and younger adults in the room. With many adults in the room there are also lots of opinions on when and how to do something as well as answers to questions. Also this paper will look at how the situation could have been made less boring and more interesting. Traditional Learning Context The lecture occurred at the local fire house in one of there training classrooms. The person giving the lecture was a staff member of the company that offered the course the subject matter was what happens if you drink and drive as well as the consequences that go along with it. Another point that was made was to always wear a seatbelt and pay attention to the road ahead of you, to ignore text messages or phone calls when driving. The audience was mixed ages from younger adults to those much older even thou all ages learn at there own pace. According to (Barnes L n/d) the speed of learning tends to decrease with age, but the depth of learning increases. While it may take us longer to learn as we get older, we do grasp what is learned at a deeper and more relevant level. Other physical factors should be considered as well. Adult learners may experience barriers to learning, such as hearing or vision impairments. As educators, we can compensate by paying attention to the physical learning environment and making adjustments as needed. Yes I was required to take this course in order to learn more rules of the road and also to reduce the cost of insurance. The purpose of this lecture was to make all the students are aware of what can and will happen if once disobeys the rules of the road....

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