Social Responsibility of Business: a Case Study of Grameen Phone in Bangladesh

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Business, Management Pages: 13 (4440 words) Published: April 6, 2011

Abstract The social responsibility of business organisations is getting increased attention in recent years, and a strong perception has developed among the business managers worldwide and that organisations need to be managed in a socially responsible way for economic viability and long term sustainability. Therefore, the social responsibility of businesses has become an important part of today’s business agenda. The paper aims to investigate the social responsibility of business: a case study of Grameen phone in Bangladesh and identify different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of Grameen phone (GP). Secondary data collection methods were used to conduct the study. It can be concluded GP believe that sustainable development can only be achieved through long term economic growth and therefore, intended to deliver the best to the customers, business partners, stakeholders, employees and society by ‘being a partner in development.’ Key words: Social Responsibility of Business, Social Performance, Business. JEL Classifications: M19, M10

Prelude Managers of some successful organisations in both developed and developing countries have become the leaders. As the leadership groups like the aristocracy or the priesthood or the scientist, either disappeared or become insignificant, the new leadership group to emerge are managers of business enterprises and of universities, of government agencies, and of hospitals. These people have command and competence over the most of the resources of the society. It is expected from them that they take the role of leadership and take responsibility for major social problems and major social issues (Drucker, 1974). As a result of these shifts, the emergence of managers as the major leadership group, the growing disenchantment with government, and the shift in focus from the quantities of lie the demand has arisen that managers, and especially business managers, make concern for society central to the conduct of business itself. It is a demand that the quality of life become the business of Nimalathasan, B., Lecturer, Department of Commerce, Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce, University of Jaffna, SriLanka & Ph.D Scholar (SAARC), Department of Management Studies, University of Chittagong, Chittagong -4331, Bangladesh. *


Nimalathasan, B., Social Responsibility of Business: A Case Study of Grameen Phone in Bangladesh / Annals of University of Bucharest, Economic and Administrative Series, Nr. 3 (2009) 227-236

business. The society, who is the only supply source of resources to be deployed in any business enterprise, have got the right to expect from a business enterprise; to be responsible in achieving objectives. A business enterprise has to make sure that the resource; for example, the money raised for capital, the raw material collected or produced for production, the people employed as employee, the space rented for business premises and other resources like, minerals, gas or oil purchased- all of these resources are coming from this society. After all the resources acquired and utilised for the operations, finally, the products or services to be sold to the customers i.e., people of the society again, generate revenue of any business enterprise. So, it is a normal expectation of the society that, the business has to take care of the society. The new groups of leaders, who are the managers of business enterprises, have to think to solve business problems in achieving their objectives. But the crux of the problem is the degree to which a business should solve the problems of society. Today there is a growing perception among business enterprises that sustainable business success and shareholder value cannot be achieved solely through maximizing short term profits, but through market oriented yet socially responsible activities of the business. Therefore, the...
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