Social Responsibilities of Organizations

Topics: Summer Olympic Games, 2004 Summer Olympics, Australia Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: April 27, 2008
Reflect on the tutorial discussion about the games. What did you learn about the social responsibilities of organizations and environmental sustainability and organisation?

It has been only in the past seventeen years that the Olympic Games had strived for the protection of the environment. (“Management Dynamics by Agrawal, Balnave, Mahony”) Major events like the Olympic Games can have a negative impact on the environment; however the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games made a strong commitment to the environment and were considered as one of the “greenest games” ever. The Sydney Olympic Games has major social responsibility to its stakeholders and also had sustainability commitments to its organisation. Social responsibility refers to doing the right thing for society beyond what is expected of the law. Environmental sustainability means that long-term maintenance is required for the ecosystem to ensure that the impact on the environment is positive and beneficial to the future generations. (“Management Dynamics by Agrawal, Balnave, Mahony”)

Organisations can be for profit, not for profit, totally government run, government subsidized or non-government organisations. Many different organisations were engaged in the games for example. Many non for profit organisations such as the Greenpeace and Green games watch 2000 were made a “watchdog” of the games. For profit organisations were also involved for example builders and consultants. Consultants included engineers and architects. Government run organisations included the inspecting bodies such as the local council and state government. Another type of organisation that engaged in the games was non government organisations for example suppliers such as Sydney Waters and Energy Australia. With the examples given it is clear that many different types of organisations were involved in order for the green games to be successful. These organisations had social responsibilities to the environment and sustainability...
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