Social Resonsibility

Topics: Social responsibility, Ethics, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 6 (2334 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Corporate social responsibility is a term that many people interpret differently. Many people have created diagrams to show what their view of corporate social responsibility and all of the diagrams differ in some way. No one can seem to agree on one definition of what corporate social responsibility is. No one can agree on what the definition is because it depends on a person’s morals and values, which is different for each person. Corporate social responsibility is defined as the concern that a business has for the welfare of society. I feel like this is a good start to the definition but it needs more of an explanation as to what that means. Corporate social responsibility is when a business makes the right legal choices to become successful and give back to the community. Not all people believe in this definition and some people don’t even believe in corporate social responsibility. With all of the examples shown to me, I believe in Archie Carroll’s model that corporate social responsibility has philanthropic, ethical, economic, and legal responsibilities that are all equal within a company. These four things are not elaborated on in the pyramid which I think is key for people to understand what corporate social responsibility in my opinion. One out of many companies that displays all four of these responsibilities would be Panera Bread. Philanthropic responsibilities for a company deal with giving back to the community. People and businesses aren’t required to give back to the community but when a company or person gives back it will make them feel better about themselves, not only that but they give themselves a better image for their business. An increase in someone’s business image is something every company wants because it will help increase sales and makes them more successful. One company that gives back to the community would be Panera Bread. “At Panera Bread®, we believe in giving back to local communities. We show our appreciation for customers not only within our bakery-cafes but also throughout the communities we serve by sponsoring special events open to the neighborhood, participating in charitable events and offering various Operation Dough-Nation® programs.” (Panera Bread, 1999-2012). This quote is found on the Panera Bread web page when you look up what they do to give back to the community. Panera takes the action of giving back to the community with their operation dough-nation programs. Their operation dough-nation program was founded in 1992 to formalize our commitment to community involvement. Since then, it has grown to include four major activities: Community Breadbox™ cash collection boxes, the Day-End Dough-Nation™ program, Panera/SCRIP Card fundraising and participation in community events (Panera Bread, 1999-2012). The community breadbox Panera Bread takes part in ensures that any donations made go back in to the community. Contributions generated through the program have provided basic necessities for those in need, and have created special places and opportunities (Panera Bread, 1999-2012). The day-end dough-nation is when Panera Bread donates all unsold bread and baked good to local hunger relief agencies in the community where Panera Bread is located. Collectively, Panera bakery-cafes donated a retail value of approximately $100 million worth of unsold bread and baked goods in 2010 to help neighbors in need (Panera Bread, 1999-2012). Panera Bread is the perfect example of a corporation displaying philanthropic responsibilities. They give back to the community on a daily basis and make it known to the community that these are the plans they have from the begging and follow through with them. Ethics is the standards of moral behavior that is accepted by society as right versus wrong. Everyone ethics are different and that’s why it is hard to agree on what is ethical and unethical. Ethics are just as important as any other of the four parts that are in the corporation social...
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