Social Proof

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Social Proof

Before introducing our influence weapon (social proof) situations, it would be useful to understand basic principle of social proof. According to R. Cialdini (1993), principle of social proof is based on opinion, that we determine what is good following what others find correct. For instance, when we are in theatres and we start giving applauses only after we hear some initiators starting that, it shows us that majority thinks that show is good, so we must appreciate that by applause. What can be other everyday situation where social proof acts important role? First example of social proof can be social networks, and facebook in particular with its “like” button. In facebook, when we are “liking” all content usually (when we are uncertain) we take to consideration, how many likes are already there. For instance when we see two articles in our “news” sector, and one has 5 likes, while other has 1000 likes, undoubtedly we will think that second article is more interesting and better, just because majority of people (including our friends –authorities) liked it. Facebook like button also works in liking photos, businesses, athletes, companies etc. We much more easily trust pages that are trusted (“liked) by others. While social proof is part of the fabric of anthropological success and human survival, we’re getting an incredibly distilled version of it on Facebook. Where social proof isn’t really “proof.” It’s a Mass Opinion. Second situation, where in my opinion social proof has great power, is political campaigns and elections. For example, during 2008 Obama`s campaign there were created load of social profiles in different social networks, such as facebook, twitter, myspace etc. In facebook, these profiles were segmented in groups suchs as – „Oregon for Obama“, „California for Obama“, ‚Students for Obama“; „Mamas for Obama“ etc. These groups worked so good, that even some fans of Obama started their own groups („Dj`s For Obama“) , showing that...
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