Social Problems in Thailand

Topics: Pollution, Western culture, Automobile Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Air pollution

Industrial growth has created high levels of air pollution in Thailand. Vehicles and factories contribute to air pollution, particularly in Bangkok.

The air pollution caused by motor vehicle emissions, and grave water pollution from household and industrial wastewater, substances generated by the thriving industrial activities have caused serious dumping issues. Environmental contamination caused by hazardous waste threatens to become Thailand's worst environmental problem in the future.

The motorcycles make up around 75% of the vehicles on the road in Thailand. In most areas of the country, air pollutants for vehicles are now within acceptable levels according to national standards. Factories and power plants have between 60 and 70 percent of the country’s industrial emissions and most energy production relies on burning of fossil fuels.

Other sources of air pollution are garbage burning and agricultural burning practices, including deliberate forest fires. Agricultural burning in Southeast Asia often creates a haze. Wildfires are started by local farmers during the dry season in Northern Thailand for a variety of purposes. They are the main cause of the intense air pollution in the Thai highlands .

Nowadays, our world has changed so much. If you ever stopped walking, it means you will be behind the others. The truth is that not only our world that has changed but also our society. The change of the society effects to people’s lives so much more than you can imagine. It commonly seems like this change becomes an unavoidable situation for everyone. The most concerned of Thai’s society is now “teenagers’ sex problem” or in the other term we can say “sex in school.”

I think the way teenagers are is inappropriate considers to Thai culture and value of lives. Usually, Thai culture teaches people, especially girls, not to do things when it is not a proper time such as to have sex with someone before getting married or to...
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