Social Problems Created by Gambling

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Social Problems Created by Gambling

Submitted to
Ms. Joyce Lim
Senior Executive


TO:Ms Joyce Lim

FROM:Andy Tan, Executive, Ministry for Home Affairs
DATE:28 September, 2012
SUBJECT:How to minimize social problems arising from gambling

As you requested on August 2012, our report outlines the findings into how to minimize social problems arising from gambling. Since casino started operations, casino-related crimes have been occurring on average once a month. The more worrying trends are the increasing number of addicts and regression of their age. It has been reported that more youths 18 – 21 are seeking help for their addictions. (, February 8, 2012)

Firstly we delve through news sites to define crimes that are considered casino related. Secondly, we scrutinize the Casino Control Act (CCA) and identified a number acts designed to curb social problems arising from gambling.

Casino related crime comprise only 1% of all crimes due to vigilance of casino operators and cooperation with the police. Casino-Related crimes are defined as crimes occurring in and around the casino. Majority of the crimes committed are thefts of chips, attempting to cheat or cheating and impersonating another person to gain entry to the casino (Crime Statistics, October 3, 2011).

The Casino Regulatory Authority was established to enforce the CCA and National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) was formed subsequently to address the problem caused by gambling and educating the public on the downside of gambling. Social safeguards were catered to protect the young and prevent families from disintegrating. 1. Entry Levy

An entry fee of $100 daily or $2000 yearly will be levied on locals to serve as deterrence as patrons would have already lost $100 even before gambling. Casino operators will be fined for failing to enforce the levy or reimbursing patrons. Resort World Sentosa (RWS) was fined $600,000 and three of its employees charged for circumventing the CCA by providing free theme park tickets for patrons(, September 12, 2012). 2. Minimum Age

Casinos patrons are required to be above the age of 21 to prevent minors from entering the casino.

3. No extending of credits to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents Junkets are prohibited from operating in the casino and Casinos are prohibited to extend credits unless they are premium players defined as patrons who maintain a deposits with credit balanced not less than $100,000 before commencement of play.

4. No Automated Tellers Machine(ATM)
ATMs will be prohibited in the casinos. This ensures patrons gamble within their cash limits.

NCPG formed an international advisory panel seeking foreign expertise in developing research and services to identify and control problem gambling. One outlet of educating the public is through developing dramas highlighting the woes of gambling.

6. Exclusion Orders
NCPG can make, vary and revoke casino exclusion order banning locals from entering the casino from three orders; voluntary, third-party and family exclusion. Two of these orders (Family and Third-Party exclusions) are crucial aspect of social safeguarding preventing addicts from disintegrating families and ensuring receivers of alms does not squander their money.

7. Advertisements on Casino
Casino operators are forbidden from advertising the casinos and gambling to local population. RWS was slapped with a hefty fine when they painted bus with casino logos and offers free ferry services to the casino.


Proposals were gathered from the public (Reach, August 17, 2012). Based on the feedback, we propose amendments to the CCA that will help minimize social problems.

1. Casino Visit Limit System
We propose to limit the frequency of casino visits for Financial Vulnerable (FVs). This...
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