Social Problems

Topics: Sociology, University, Higher education Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Do you know that the numbers of students involved in social problems increasing as reported by Ministry of Higher Education? Social problems among college students are the most biggest problem to our government. It cause many bad effect to other teenagers too. One of the bad effect is, it can cause the college students disobey the rules. The following paragraph will illustrate more on the causes of social problems, the effects and ways to overcome the problems. There are many causes of why students are involved in social problems. First of all, when the students are in their university, their parents are not with them. So, they felt that they free to do what they want without permission from their guardian. Then when they want to start befriend with other people, the college students get involved when they befriend with people from a social life. It will caught them in the situation when they want to have friend that they only know them in the college. Sometimes, most of the students are lack with religious education. They will do anything they want because they does not have faith in their God. they thought that they can do what they want everywhere. Besides that. the effect of this problems are students cannot score in their examination.Spending a lot of time with their friends reduces the times for them to study. They also will face a disciplinary problems. Example of the disciplinary problems is they will not attend to class. The worst effect is when the students have a bad relationship with their parents. Parents will get angry with their children and the children will feel discomfort when they have to face their parents. Zero communication between both parties also occur when they hesitate to talk peacefully with each other about how to settle this problem or get some advice from parents There are many ways to overcome this problems among the students. Counsellor in each education institution must give...
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