Social Problem-Environment and Global Warming

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  • Published : November 12, 2010
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There are many social problems that are occurring in America today. One social problem that resonates with me is global warming and our environment. There are many reasons why our environment is the way it is today, and there are also many ways in which we can fix it. You also have to remember that while some environmental problems are beyond human control, such as volcanoes and earthquakes, most are social in origin (Eitzen, 85).

There are many social forces that are disturbing our environment. One is the tremendous increase in population increases the demand for food, energy, minerals, and other products (Eitzen, 87). One of the largest growing problems that are now affecting our planet is population. In 2006, the world’s population was 6.55 billion, and it’s increasing by 76 million people a year (Eitzen, 87). The growing population impacts many things. One of the problems is our habitat. The population of the world is increasing, and as this happens, we need to take great caution in making sure we don’t harm our environment. As cities grow larger and larger, the natural land around them is being turned into homes and office buildings. It may not seem like nature is being hurt that badly, but as times goes on, we will see a rapid decline of animals and may even see some species go extinct. Also, as we build homes and cities, we are using more and more lumber for these buildings. When we do this, we are destroying more and more homes for animals. If the homes for these animals decline, so will the animals that live there. Another problem with growing population is global biodiversity. The growth of the human population, which makes humans the dominant species on the planet, is having a grave impact on biodiversity. This destruction of species by humans will eventually lead to a destruction of the human species through natural selection. While human beings have had an effect for the last 50,000 years, it has only been since the industrial revolution that the...
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