Social Phobia

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Social Phobia

Approximately 13.3 percent of the population experiences a form of social phobia at some point in their lives. Social phobia is any fear associated with situations that you are subject to criticism by others. Eating, public speaking, or even walking in a public place can be devastating and bring on such reactions as headaches or stomachaches to more severe symptoms of panic attacks and dysphoria. Although adolescent girls are expected to show more withdrawn behavior than adolescent boys, social phobia shows an even distribution between genders. With an onset of early adolescents in most cases, the condition can carry on through the subject’s adult lifespan if not discovered and treated early on.

Speculated to be most likely genetically transmitted, the cause of social phobia is not yet known for certain. Although considered to have an onset in early teenage years, signs of it have been known to appear in ages as early as eight years old. Social phobia in children and adolescents tends to show similar symptoms to that found in Socially phobic adults. Anything that may be perceived as humiliating or embarrassing, including: fear of speaking, eating or writing in public, going to parties, using public restrooms, and speaking to authority figures, playing games with children or joining in at recess may be feared by a social phobic. Many report loneliness, depression, very restricted range of social relationships, and deficient skills. In adolescents this can create a school attendance or behavioral problem.

With an onset as early as childhood, a child may experience withdrawn social behaviors due to anxiety. A child with social phobia may not have many friends due to the fact that they fear negative ascertain, the fear of trying and failing. This can impact the persona of a social phobic greatly. They may fear going to dances, parties, or social gatherings that adolescents would normally make friends at. A social phobic will...
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