Social Phobia

Topics: Fear, Social anxiety, Anxiety disorder Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Phobia. Everyone seems to overlook this word. They think that it’s just a fear of something or some people are overreacting. If you’re not in those people’s shoes, you will never understand how horrifying having a phobia could be. You might think that they are just timid but let me tell you, it is so scary that you will start panicking and your whole body will start to sweat while facing the situation that you are fear of. Therefore, today I would be talking about a phobia that I used to have when I was young and it’s quite a common phobia that a lot of people in this world would have. It is called Social Anxiety Disorder or also known as Social Phobia. According to the Malaysian Psychiatric Association, Social Anxiety Disorder is the third largest mental health care problem in the world. It’s said that individuals with this phobia or disorder are very shy throughout their life but many say that the problem started to develop in early adolescence or in adulthood. So what is Social Phobia? Social phobia is actually the fear and anxiety of being judged and evaluated by other parties in social situations but the respective person might be just fine when left alone. I used to have this phobia when I was in secondary school. It was a very hard time for me as I had a lot of difficulties. I hated meeting new people, I get really really nervous when I know that I’m going to meet someone new and someone that I have never knew before. Whenever I was asked to talk in front of a crowd, I would normally stutter a lot and couldn’t answer the teacher’s questions most of the time. It’s funny how I’m in this course currently but yes I indeed had this past in my life. I had a very low self esteem and it feels like everyone is judging me most of time. But thank goodness, after a few years time, I was able to overcome this phobia of mine and move on with life. Firstly, find a friend that you can talk your heart out about your problems or dilemmas. As for me, I was very lucky...
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