Social Perspective

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Society is a complex phenomena and is viewed differently by different people. The way of looking at society is called sociological perspective. Many social scientists and philosophers have established different theories to look at society that will help in solving various social problems. Social perspectives consider social behavior of people, relationship and role of various social organizations, communities, social institutions and interaction of all these things. Society is not a mere collection of people, it also includes various ideas, values, perceptions and their transmission through various mediums.

What is Social Perspective?

Academically, this is a part of social sciences and it's definition includes the study of social phenomena by sociologists at different levels and from different perspectives. Its three main paradigms are symbolic interaction, functionalism and conflict theory. Functionalist perspective analyzes the way various social organizations function. According to this theory, the society exists because of various social organization systems, such as schools, governments, law and order, etc., that have a particular structure. The smooth functioning of these institutions makes the society run. This theory also believes that society is also changing and so does the structure of social institutions that leads to social problems. So, this theory demands for changes and alterations in organizational structures so that the social problems are solved effectively.

As the name suggests, the conflict perspective focuses on negative, conflicted and ever changing nature of society. This theory believes that social problems arise out of extreme contradictions in the society, such as unequal distribution of resources and unequal opportunities that cause the big gap between haves and have nots. This theory attributes most of the social problems to underlying patterns of class conflict. This perspective is primarily based on the wittings of great...
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