Social Perception and Interpersonal Behavior

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Social Perception and 
Interpersonal Behavior

Journal Article

Social Perception and
Interpersonal Behavior:
On the Self-Fulfilling
Nature of Social Stereotypes

Mark Snyder

PSY 221


Dec 13, 2012

Natalie Martinez

What is in fact Cognitive Social Psychology? Cognitive social psychology is concerned with the processes by which an individual gain knowledge about behavior and events that they encounter in social interaction, and how they use this knowledge to guide their actions. From this perspective, people are "constructive thinkers" searching for the causes of behavior, drawing inferences about people and their circumstances, and acting upon this knowledge. Most empirical work in this domain largely stimulated and guided by the attribution theories has focused on the processing of information. For instance what are the cognitive and behavioral consequences of our impressions of other people? As an example of this is social stereotypes these are special cases of interpersonal perception. Stereotypes are usually simple, over generalized, and widely accepted. But stereotypes are often inaccurate. Nonetheless, many social stereotypes are concern highly visible and distinctive personal characteristics; for example, sex and race. These pieces of information are usually the first to be noticed during social interaction. This reality is, of course, entirely cognitive: It is in the eye and mind of the beholder. But stereotype-based attributions may serve as grounds for predictions about the target's future behavior and may guide and influence the perceiver's interactions with the target. How others treat us is, in large measure, a reflection of our treatment of them. By the same token one widely held stereotype in this culture involves physical attractiveness. Considerable evidence suggests that attractive persons are assumed to possess more socially desirable personality traits and...
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