Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Economics Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper
Many could argue that organized crime takes place in our society because of the circumstances in which our society has chosen to exist. It could have been started because of rules, regulations, and laws that we have placed upon ourselves that not every person agrees with. It could be a problem because several of the people within our society choose to live differently because they feel they can. Whatever the logic behind the choice organized crime does exist in our society and has for quite some time. In this paper will take a look at the perspective of social organized crime. We will discuss and explain the term social institution and how it applies to organized crime. We will discuss empirical and speculative theories that are most applicable to our perspective as they apply to organized crime and overall criminal behavior.

An institution is meant to be a significant place of learning or stature. A social institution could be looked upon as a representation of our society in an organized manner. In order for a society to be considered a social institution we could argue that there needs to be several things that exist within that society. That society would need to have both written rules and laws set in place as well as unwritten codes and morals that exist for the people who live in that society to abide by. Those who live in that society would need to be aware of these and accepting of them in order for the social institution to be a success.

If we consider our society as the social institution that it has become we need to recognize how that institution has become staple that has helped to spawn the organized crime that also exists within it. We have outlined what it is that makes our society a social institution and why it is such but in order for that idea to be applied to organized crime we would need to look at our social institution and the people that exist within it from the other side of the spectrum....
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