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Social Organizations

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Mira Sigal-FeldmanProf. Pease
SOCY441-0101 2 October 2012
Social Organizations
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A social organization is a group of people working together towards a common goal. Social organizations work as a system of interactions between people of different status based on their position in the group; each social role in the system relates to another and forms an intricate stratification system. The social organization I was involved in for the majority of my youth was Camp Galil Habonim D’ror; I will refer to it as Galil in the following essay. I will explain the workings of the organization in terms of the following concepts of stratification: time, territorial invasion, titles, body language, oral language, costumes, and social space.

Galil is a summer camp that is a part of a youth movement called Habonim D’ror North America. As a social organization it not only provides a fun and safe environment for campers over the summer, but it instills Jewish morals and values, educates, and functions as a socialist-kibbutz-style camp. Kibbutzim (plural) are socialist Zionist communities of people, mainly in Israel, that are traditionally based on farming and living communally. Within Galil’s community different people play different roles in order to create this environment. The makeup of roles at Galil consists of an Executive Director, an Associate Director, Staff, and campers. Each role has a distinct purpose and status within the organization; the order in which I listed them goes from highest status to lowest status. For each of these roles I will explain them in terms of the previously mentioned concepts.

In terms of time, the high status roles are not monitored the way the low status roles are. The Executive Director, Sharon, oversees all of the daily operations at Galil. She has the power to change the workings of the organization at her will. The Associate Director, Bart, oversees the campers, staff, and...

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