Social Organization Change

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Social Organization Change

By | May 2008
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Social Organization Change
SOC100 – Introduction to Sociology

Social Organization Change
Employee opinions can impact financial performance by affecting retention; and quality of work, morale and productivity; so measuring workers’ attitudes is critical to enhancing what is called “Performance through People.” There are many different types of employee surveys. Some examples are the full-scale employee opinion survey that covers a comprehensive range of topics and is usually administered to the entire workforce every year or two; and the pulse survey that is used between cycles of the full-scale employee opinion survey. The pulse survey is shorter than the full-scale survey and may be focused on; (a) a small set of “key indicator” questions drawn from the full-scale survey and is used as a progress measure; (b) allows for feedback to be quickly obtained; and (c) generally the survey is focused at a subset of the employee population, (i.e. a small but representative cross-section of all employees).

Information is the lifeblood of businesses today; companies live and die by their ability to obtain reputable information. Surveys are one of the primary vehicles for collecting the information businesses need. When done right, surveys can reduce new product risk; generate insights about employees, customers, and markets; and align communications programs with target constituencies. When poorly done, they can derail strategy and generate misguided marketing, customer service and communications plans. Businesses are only as good as the information they have.

The focus of this employee survey is to collect employees’ perception of what is being done and to provide insight into what the employee feels needs to be done in the areas of the work climate, culture and organizational structure. The first step is to identify what information the survey is looking for and understand what surveys can and cannot do. This survey focuses on exploring...

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