Social Observation

Topics: Observation Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Elam 1

Sam Elam
Mr. Unrien
Sociology: Hour 5
12 September 2012
Sociology Observation Summary
This weekend, I decided to go and observe my dentist office. It’s also a bit more than a dentist office but I didn’t go in the other little buildings they all seemed to have stuff to do. I thought that my dentist office would be a perfect place to do a social observation. I mean think about it everyone has teeth and most people go to dentist so you have a very diverse community. I also went into my dentist office to observe people and I even decided to ride the elevator for a while and see how people are in elevators.

I started my observations right inside the building I held the door for people. Of course I always got the classic thank you, I got a few nods from the men who walked in not a single chick gave me a nod the either said thank you or didn’t say anything at all they just blew me off like some preppy person would do. I was also surprised that every single man who I held the door for acknowledged me I thought for sure it be the other way around. I found something very strange but the best is some man asked me what I was doing and I simply told him “I’m holding the door for people to make life a little easier” and he responded by handing me a dollar and said “well thanks for making my day a little better here’s a dollar hope it make your day” I just laughed and said thank you and he went on his day.

Elam 2
The next place I decided to go and observe was the elevator. The building my dentist is in has 4 floors which to improve my situation more verity of business and the business people that work in them. When it comes to observing people in an elevator I believe you have to have a sense of humor to do so. My favorite moment of being in the elevator was when it gets supper crowded. We all get into the elevator and just look, we look at the ceilings, the walls… but we never made contact with anyone else in the elevator its like there all off in there own...
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