Social Normality

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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Culture is part of social normality. In today’s society, it is expected for cultures to be distinctively recognized. In the United States, children in schools are allowed a moment of silence. Although the existence of separation of church and state exist, within the moment of silence, children are allowed to pray or do whatever it is that might be part of their culture. Another example would be schools in the U.S. recognize cultures and religions, so if a observed day by a different culture did not coincide with an American holiday, the school permits students that participate in this religion or culture to take part without penalty. These two examples represent subculture. Subcultures represent groups of individuals with a unique pattern of values and philosophy that are not necessarily inconsistent with the organization’s dominant values and philosophy. International companies deal a substantial amount with subcultures. One of the most common issues is dealing with subcultures when companies diversify outside of their country of origin. Hotels would be a prime example of companies that have to observe subcultures. One of the divisions managed by the Ritz-Carlton is located in the Grand Caymans, which is a small British territory in the Caribbean. The island’s main sources of revenue are tourism and banking. The Caribbean is a prime location for people to visit from all over the world, meaning that the hotel has to accommodate different cultures from all over the world. Hotels that operate on international scales tend to diversify their staff for the purpose of accommodating guests, presenting a cultural ambience, and to stimulate the local economy. One of the problems with importing groupings from the larger society lies in the relevance these subgroups have to the organization as a whole. Difficulties do follow when importing groups on a broad scale to integrate employees into an international organization, which in turn is also creating an underlying...
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