Social Norm Paper

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Erika Lamberson
Mrs. DeRoussell
April 9, 2013
Social Norms
P1.To be accepted by society people have to follow the norm. When you step outside of the mainstream you are considered "different" no matter how right you are. That’s why when someone starts a movement people are against him, until enough people start do it his way and "it becomes the norm". It is also called trying to fit in because if you do something out of the norm, you are pretty much an outsider. People get others to do things out of the norm every day, it just goes unnoticed. Most of the time people don’t do it in public because it isn’t something they want to draw attention to. I am choosing to violate the social norm of going through a drive-thru forwards in a vehicle. I am doing this to find out what kind of reactions I get when I do something out of the ‘social norm’. Going through the drive-thru backwards, whether it is at a fast food place or a bank is not said to be normal. Normally, people pull up to the window with their vehicle facing forward. When I do this social norm violation, I expect to get a lot of responses. This experiment will be very hard for me to do considering I will have to drive my vehicle in reverse. I predict that the responses will be to get weird looks or possibly laughed at. People don’t normally see someone coming through a drive-thru with their car faced backwards. Not only is it not normal, it can also be dangerous and embarrassing. My only concerns about completing this experiment are that I get it done safely without hurting myself, my vehicle, or anyone else for that matter. Since I will have to go through the drive-thru backwards, this is going to be a challenge. I will have to watch out of every mirror I have and also pay attention to the people behind me. P2.My plan to complete this social norm experiment is to go through the drive-thru at two different restaurants. The first one will be at a place called Taco Bell. The second will be at...
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