Social Norm

Topics: Sociology, Mores, Norm Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: March 19, 2011
What is social norm? Social norm is way of doing things, of dress, of speech, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that have appropriate and inappropriate appearance. Social norm has a great impact on our life that we often don’t actively think about them. For example, when you enter an elevator, it is expected that you turn around to face the doors. An example of a social norm violation would be to enter the elevator and remain facing the rest of the people. During this activity I will explain where the setting was, the norms I violated, what verbal and non-verbal reactions I received, what my reaction was towards them. The setting took place at Rogers Main’s café on September 16, 2010. It was a Friday afternoon around lunch time and there were a lot of people. The majority of people were Caucasian females and some men’s in their early 20th. My viewers were students and staff members. I was dressed very creatively. I was outfitted in blue and gray pajamas. I had my hair in pig tails and some of my braids were tied under my chin. I wore a big pajama shoes and it had a monkey outline. I went against social norms. I violate the norms of society by being outfitted in my pajamas and making my hair creative during lunch time. Pajamas are mostly worn at night for sleeping purposes and because I wore in the day time that was considered as a deviant act. Deviant act is a behavior that violates cultures norms including crimes and not following social norms. For example, rejecting mores and committing crime. I did this assignment because I wanted to see others reaction toward me for rejecting social norms. I received a verbal and non-verbal reaction. The cashier was laughing out loud at me when she saw me walk through the door and she said, “I look like a crazy mad women.” I laughed and said “It’s for a project.” I asked her if I could walk around the café for a few minutes and she said, “Sure” despite the fact that she was still laughing. Some of the people...
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