Social Networks: Tearing People Apart

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Social Networks: Tearing People Apart

New technology has allowed us to have the world at our fingertips. With a few clicks or touch of a glass screen, we can find out anything and everything in matters of seconds (depending how fast the internet is). One thing that has been made available to us is the social networks. When social networking first began, it let us connect with long lost friends and the world around us, now it slowly drives us apart. Social networks is a reason as to why people do not interact with one another face-to-face as much nowadays because people could find out everything just by checking Facebook, Twitter, and/ or Instagram. We are stuck in this virtual world where we no longer have to speak, our fingers do the talking. Facebook is a way to connect with the people in your life, but is helping you drive a wedge between you and the world. Before Facebook people had to think about how they would walk up to the person they had an interest in and get to know them. Now with Facebook, all a person has to do is type up the other person’s name and all their information will show up on screen. Thanks to Facebook people rarely ask how the person is doing, all they do now is check their most recent status. Sure a person can communicate with someone via Facebook messaging but it is not the same as having that same conversation over a cup of coffee. On Facebook people go through the same routine; scroll down the newsfeed, look at some pictures and chat with people about things you have no interest in. That idea of being the last to find out about something is simply terrifying. That is why people are constantly checking their Facebook walls, just to find out the latest news. Finding out the latest news, thoughts, and ideas of those around us, has been made easier by twitter. Every single thought that pops into a person’s mind and even their daily activities could be found on twitter. People no longer have to ask “what did you do today”, they...
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