Social Networks Have Been Invaded Humans' Privacy

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Human Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: December 11, 2012
In recent years, various social networking sites have gained massive popularity, especially among the youth. However, humankind’s private zone is said to have been violated by these websites. The reasons for this belief lie in not only growing threats to users’ security but constant distractions as well. Initially, the safety record of social networks is atrocious. It is widely acknowledged that being involved in social websites means installing some application software. Consequently, users may unconsciously download harmful viruses to their computers, resulting in personal information leak. Furthermore, the fact that such webs as Facebook or Twitter can be used as a means of spying on others is undeniable. According to a recent article, Facebook developers often number female accounts based on the beauty of their avatars. Besides, other users are likely to act similarly, which is, possibly, the root of serious crimes, kidnapping for example. In the second place, in lieu of peaceful and relaxing leisure time, human beings usually spend more time in front of the computer screen. Admittedly, the aim of social networking sites is the interaction among users. Nonetheless, with the availability of plentiful applications from exciting games to music, not to mention a wide range of advertisements as well as a comfortable place for E-shopping, Facebook abuse is now becoming a global phenomenon. Unquestionably, increasing time spent on these websites leads to the neglect of traditional ways of life. It is challenging to break that dangerous habit, while heightening awareness of the value of sports, books, or face-to-face communication. Opponents of this belief may claim that social networks have proved to be a useful means for youngsters to express their feelings freely. Thus, freedom is promoted; in the mean time, they can be regarded as an extra private zone for users. This, at least, is partially true. Nevertheless, the act of revealing excessive...
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