Social Networks and Online Games: It’s Impact on the Study Habits

Topics: High school, Education, Social network service Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: January 17, 2013


The future of the country depends upon the youth of today, these calls to a large extent on how youth or students are educated.
Man can become man through education only. He is what education makes him. (Immanuel Kant, 2000). Schools are such as an integral part of our society, so that its mission then is to serve its society by preparing young people to cope effectively with its problems and to contribute to the pool of human talents the society needs in order to function successfully, through education, a person has a better chance to achieve what is quite unique to him as an individual living in a free democratic world.

Education nowadays is free for everybody; hence, the government provided a free elementary and secondary education as stated in Article IV, Section 2 of the Universal Declaration o Human Rights.
The home, school, community and media served as forms of socializing agent and education of a student. Different forms of technology had been introduced for effective teaching - learning process.

However, some of high school students nowadays used social networking sites as socialization agent and instrument in their studies, they used it as a connection or communication to their other classmates, to connect with their old friends to meet new friends with the same interest, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, MySpace and others are attracting millions of people around the globe especially the students. It had been the source of happiness for many students. Some play with the games or applications available in SNS's. But, nowadays, students are addicted to these kinds of sites which led to low scores on test and quizzes, sleeping in class because of lack in sleep and eventually, low grades, performance and achievements of students are greatly affected in school.

With these observations, the researchers became interested to find out the impact /effects of...
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