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Does extensive use of social networking technology negatively affect people?

Moza Qarran Alamrei

Col240 Section 3

Social networking is all about the new generation. Nowadays, children and adults love to spend their time on Internet websites that connect them with each other, and these websites was called social networks. “Any Web locale that permits communal contact is believed a communal mass media locale, encompassing communal networking locations such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter”( Schurgin.G, Clarke.K). These websites take a long time from humans’ lives and leave them busy chatting with people they know or people they never met before. Adults and teenagers are mostly like to use these websites because they make friends there. As it says in the article “Texting, Sexting And Social Networking Among Australian Youth And The Need For Cyber Safety Education “Social networking continues to be a “cool new tool,” and young people world wide stay connected with networking software, with its capacity to support peer interaction and friendship”(McLoughlin, & Burgess, 2009). Also according to Lenhart and Madden, “Adults are much less likely than teens to have a profile on a social network website. About three in ten (35%) adult internet users age 18 and older have a profile on a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn”(2007). How ever, teenagers are twice as likely as adults in use of these websites. Some others use it because they do not have friends in real life and they wish to make new but somehow they are afraid, and they can write anything they want to say without any fear by using social networks. Social networking technology does affect negatively on people as it causes family problems, it can be dangerous for people and it can change behavior for the worse.

Social networking causes many family problems that can affect relations. As a fact, family relations are sensitive and small problems can turn to big issues if they didn’t find the right solutions for them. These networks take the happy moments that people can spend with family, because children prefer to sit with their computers than family, so it makes distance between the family members. Children prefer to hide their emotions and problems from their own family to tell a stranger about it and it makes them trust strangers not relatives. Why does this happen? Social networking is turning to be the best choice for children and adults to spend time. It could be nothing more than they want some independence from their parents and freedom from parents involved. Some children want to say things to their friends who are the same age and they feel they understand them more than parents. Families are suffering with the problems websites are causing. For example, two girls committed suicide because some abuse on social networks and because of pictures that were spread on Internet from these websites. These stories was in a news website that talked about two girls one committed suicide because of sexting, and the other one because of some abuse on social networks from her friends (ABC News). Other problems we can mention are teenagers got addicted to these social networks and that is a sign of behavior changing negatively. These problems for sure increase with time and affect people who use social networks and every one who is around them. The reasons why these problems are huge is because social networks never stops producing new things that attract teens and adults and encourage them to use them more and more. Adults and teenagers invite their friends and tell them to join these networks, as they are fun. Parents are aware about these problems and of course they are trying their best to find solutions for them. Some research happened to show the opinion of parents who have children with social network profiles, “Research by YouGov showed a quarter of children aged six to 11 spend an hour a day on social networking such...
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