Social Networking - a Boon

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Internet Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: September 3, 2012
* Social networks are new meaning of staying in touch with whole world. * The internet a tool that an increasing number of people are choosing to use with great frequency. Too many of these people forget that the internet is a unrestricted, unregulated, and uncontrollable grouping of millions of people, their data, their opinions, and there interests. * Public sharing of private lives has not led to a rethinking of anything. It's just reminded people to use extreme caution when publicly sharing their private lives. If you wouldn't do something in front of everyone you know, don't do it on the internet. * Laws should --never-- be extended to allow privacy protection for things that people say and do in the public domain. Perhaps the greatest part of the internet is the lack of control, the utter and complete freedom of speech. What is needed is a basic warning from parents or friends to those who are new to the internet, warning of the possible pitfalls that can come with such freedom. * Humans are social animals by our nature and social networks are just one other outlet for humans to interact. We should not look at social networks are threats but as opportunities for us to interact with people globally. I myself am an active user of social networks and have made many friends and business contacts online that I would otherwise not have had the same level of opportunity or interaction. * The 21st Century is said to be the Reign of Computers and Internet. Internet is like “Aladdin Ka Chirag” from which we can ask for anything and our demand will be fulfilled, but there is no barrier of only “Three Wishes”. Today, with the ever modernizing world, the Internet is proving to be a very useful tool for those who don’t have time from their work, for those who want to keep pace with the world. * Keeping in touch with the knowns, whether relatives or friends or someone else, seems to be a difficult task to every working person, whether a student, a...
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