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Mr. Mullins
English IV-1
14 December 2012
Social Networking Sites & Their Advantages and Disadvantages
In this world today, there are many social networking sites. Using social networking sites is now a popular activity for teenagers and adults. They create a personal page/profile on one of the many of the many social sites. Their profile can include pictures, personal information, opinions, blogs, music, videos, and anything that a person feels represents their personality. There are many websites that today’s society use; For example: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Almost all of the social networking sites offer the same qualities, but Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ones. These websites basically offer the same thing, but they all have their own rules and characteristics. Now in today’s time, social networking sites are replacing the need for face-to-face interaction. This has become a new thing for many people who spend most of their time looking through profiles and making connections with new friends or catching back up with old friends. These social networking sites are now a part of most people’s everyday lives. While using social networking sites, there are many advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons. There are advantages, such as connecting with new or old friends, gaining a job, and promoting or advertising purposes just to name a few. There are disadvantages, such as losing sight of reality, the lack of face-to-face interactions, cyber-bullying, and the lack of security. Everything about social networking sites fall between the disadvantage and advantage category.

Even with the real problems, social networking is the primary and most effective way human beings can interact in today’s modern and complex society.
Social networking is a new creation that has the Internet still interesting due to its popularity with people (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking). These websites are so popular...
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