Social Networking Research Paper

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Facebook Pages: 2 (868 words) Published: April 8, 2013
In today's world, the internet has become the center of our lives it seems. Some countries have limited the usage of it's citizens time on the internet for these reasons alone. Individual users are not the only ones picking up on the the latest internet craves, however. Most universities and business are using online social networking sites, such as The Facebook and Myspace, to get to the personal side of the resumes they are receiving. But the major question arising for these actions is: Is it a good idea for employers and universities to use these sites to try and monitor students and/or employes? When posting updates about our lives on Facebook, we usually are just either trying to vent, just joking around, or trying to get some kind of word out to all of our 'friends'. We do not really take all of these things to be seriously demonstrating to the outside world who we really are. But employers and university officials, who do not personally know you before you show up as a resume, see your profiles as a direct link to your inner self. To the world, there is no difference between public and private anymore. So when applying for a job, employers make sure to Google each person to check and see what the first things are to pop up. If they are embarrassing, they resume is rejected. Now, each rejected applicant will argue their personal lives have nothing to do with their ability work place professional and orderly. Do they really have a point, or are they just sore losers? According the Ingrid Phaneuf, the author of Who's Googling You, employers are not just looking for reasons to eliminate applicants to narrow their search, but to also get an idea of what kind of character each candidate has. If you are online ranting and raving about how much you hate your job and, overall, making your current employer have a bad reputation, you will also have a bad reputation when it comes to people in the hiring process. They will think you do not care about the business...
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