Social Networking in the Modern Era

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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Today there is over 150 online social networking sites. Social networking has added a lot of good and a lot of bad to today's world. Some example of good from these sites is an increase in teenagers English ability, learning new skills, and communication. Some downfalls of social networking sites are the chance of cyberbullying, they are commonly used by stalkers.... When used social networking can pose both benefits and hazards to our society and lives.

Some benefits of SN on society are English ability, learning new skills, Communication. English ability can be benefited from SN sites since the constant exposure to reading and spelling can benefit a teenagers literacy skills which is the ability to read and write. Learning New skills about the Internet can be acquired from the use of social networking sites. One of the skills how to use computers since today most things are run on computers. Also you have to learn how to use the web since today most of the sites require a little knowledge of the internet. They also teach you how to us the internet to your advantage. The last advantage of SN is comm. With communication over social networking sites you learn socialization skills which can help in school, interviews, and with others. Also on SN people learn how to express themselves in ways which they couldnt in person.

Eventhough there are many +’s to SN there are still negatives. On of these negatives are cyberbullying. People can use cyberbullying for threats, harrasment, and prejudice. Another downfall of SN is stalkers, stalkers use SN to find there “prey”, also they can harass others with fake sites and they can find out where you live. Also threats are a common act of SN. These threats are often can be life threating using pictures and threating to stalk you.

When used social networking can pose both benefits and hazards to our society and lives. The positives include comm., english ability, and learning new skills. Some of the unfortunate...
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