Social Networking in Modern Life

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Social Networking in Modern Life
Many inventions have come up due to the rapid changing of technology. Social networking is the greatest invention of technology in general and the Internet in particular that has created a new aspect of modern life. Among these social networks, Facebook is the most popular with millions of users all over the world. As these social networking sites become more integrated, they can be not only a positive force but also a negative one in human life. While social networking offers some advantages for some people, others believe that there are more dangers than benefits which they can get from these visual societies.

As a Facebook user, the first advantage of social networking sites I can tell is communication. The need of being connected is increasing these days. These social network sites provide the best efficient way to keep in touch with the people you know as well as to create new connections. With the ability to send and receive messages, upload photos and videos, post news, and join a discussion, you can easily interact with many people at the same time. Also, you can find your old friends on these networks without difficulty. Thanks to Facebook and its feature to connect "friends of friends", I have been getting in touch again with many people who I haven't heard about them for a long time. Besides that, making friends becomes easier than ever with social networking sites. You are not restrained by your own geographical and cultural boundaries. You can find friends who have the same interests as you do around the world. Briefly, all of those wonderful features make social networks become a way to keep in touch as well as a way of life.

People use social network not only for building and maintaining relationships but also for promoting their business. Having hundreds of million users, Facebook as well as other social networking sites provide a favorable opportunity for people to widen their business. First of all, the...
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