Social Networking: Healthy or Harmful?

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: November 5, 2010
In this day and age of technology, social networking has become more popular than ever. People have the world at their fingertips with their blackberries, iphones, laptops, etc. Facebook, twitter, myspace, and all the other main social networking sites have become the main source of communication on the internet. Also, texting has become very popular these days as well. But is social networking breaking down our culture and our social skills? Or is it a healthy way to stay in contact with people through the internet?

By surfing the web, I came across an web-journal that featured an editorial on social networking. Written by Maria Quinlan, Social networking makes twits of us all, downplays the need for social networking and how it is deteriorating our society from within. Throughout this article, Quinlan, through Ethos Logos and Pathos, uses examples from experiences that she has witnessed about people being in touch more with the virtual world than the world that is actually surrounding them. Quinlan builds credibility after each experience that she goes through, mostly because they are first hand, and appeals to many emotions of mine because I have witnessed similar experiences.

For example, as she walked down the hall of Webster University, she noted that out of five people she had passed, four of them were glued to their phones, not even looking where they were going or as she put it, “walking at the speed of a turtle of Benadryl while trying to perform some task on his phone.” Even when Maria spends an evening having dinner with her family, she looks up to see that everyone else has their heads down looking at their phones. At that point she questions who they care about more: family or the cyberspace?

Quinlan also argues that Social Networking and texting is eating away at our politeness and professionalism when communicating with others. In this case she gives an example of how at a previous job, going through intern applications and deciding whom...
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