Social Networking Has No Feeling

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  • Published : February 21, 2012
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Social Networking Has No Feeling

In “Virtual Friendship an New Narcissism”, Christine Rosen says, “Today’s online social networks are congeries of mostly weak ties.” With technology and the social network, relationships have become impersonal and cold resulting from a lack of feedback because there is little visual communication to understand each other. In today’s society there is little time to actually talk on the phone and have a deep conversation, instead there is short abbreviated words that can be misconstrued. Meeting and chatting face-to-face happens infrequently because texting and facebooking have taken the place of casual together time communicating. We live in a face paced world and texting and the social network fit our schedule. Technology in today’s world has become an absolute must for communicating with friends, family and acquaintances. The social network has created an intricate web for people of all ages to talk endless hours together, socializing, chatting, sharing dreams and secrets. Social networking is a wonderful invention, it can help people find long lost relatives, find old classmates they lost contact with, create groups that have the same interests and the list could go on. Online social networks are tools that bring people together, enabling them to be able to increase and expand their friendship circle. On the other hand, social networks can be detrimental to growing deep and lasting relationships. In fact technology has made the world more distant, impersonal and cold. Instead of seeing an expression on someone’s face, a person only sees the words stream across a computer or cell phone screen, devoid of human feeling or touch. The reader then has to guess what the writer’s tone is. When reading the words on the screen, there is no emotion. Understanding the feeling of the words is like guesswork, it might be serious, but the reader mistaking thinks it’s funny. For instance, when I went out to dinner a couple...
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