Social Networking, Good or Bad

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Social Networking, Good or Bad

By | October 2012
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How would you feel if I told you that I know almost everythingabout you? From your birthday to the food you like, from your bestfriends to your favorite singer, and so on—even though you have never met me. These are things that most parents forewarn their children aboutsocial networking sites. Social networking sites such as My Space,Face book, and Hi5 are the most popular online community in whichmillions of teenagers and young adults exchange their interests, their personal information, photos and videos, and instant messaging.However; it seems that social networking sites could bring about manydisadvantages; wasting time, identity theft, and reducing face-to-faceinteraction, I believe their benefits; encouraging creative behavior, having privacy setting, and improving worldwide interaction can outweigh thosedisadvantages, undoubtedly.First of all, many think that social networking sites could distractyouth’s time from doing any other activities like reading books, playingsports and helping housework. According to a new study from GrunwaldAssociates LLC conducted in cooperation with the National SchoolBoards Assosiation reports that the 9 to 17 year olds spend time on socialnetworking sites about 9 hours a week which is as much time as theyused to spend time watching TV. But, on social networking sites youthcould be creative; the way they decorate their sites, the way they uploadmusic and videos, and the way they express themselves by posting 1

messages, while spending time on TV, youth might not develop their brains as much as they have to. Therefore, it is clearly shown thatspending time on social networking sites, youth could obtain many skillsas well as doing all kinds of useful activities, also. Next, while it is true that since the internet is fast, convenience, andcheap to access the information, the numbers of internet users aregrowing as much as the numbers of cyber victims called “identity theft”Identity theft is the theft of internet users’...

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